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BIO145 Marine Biology Lesson 7 Quiz




Question;1;of 25;Penguins;live in polar regions of the Northern and Southern hemispheres.;can be found as far north as the Equator.;are ectotherms.;time their reproduction so that eggs hatch during the winter.;are able to fly when disturbed.;Question;2;of 25;Seals, sea lions, and the walrus are classified as belonging to the order;Carnivora.;Sirenia.;Pinnipedia.;Cetacea.;Protochordata.;Question;3;of 25;Sea lions can be readily distinguished from seals because in contrast to seals, sea lions have;a short neck.;posterior flippers used in swimming.;anterior flippers that cannot be rotated backward.;posterior flippers that cannot be rotated backward.;external ears.;Question;4;of 25;The walrus feeds mostly on;clams.;squid.;salmon and other fish.;kelp and other large seaweeds.;dead animals.;Question;5;of 25;One can tell that cetaceans are mammals because they;have hair.;are cold-blooded.;are ovoviviparous.;must reproduce in the water.;migrate.;Question;6;of 25;Which of these is an example of a toothed whale?;Sperm;Right;Gray;Fin;Blue;Question;7;of 25;Porpoises can be distinguished from dolphins by comparing their;flippers.;fluke.;reproductive strategies.;teeth.;blowholes.;Question;8;of 25;Blubber is found in all of these marine mammals except which of the following?;Killer whale;Seals;Sea otters;Sea lions;Manatees (sea cow);Question;9;of 25;All of these are functions of blubber except;insulation.;circulation.;buoyancy.;food reserve.;protection.;Question;10;of 25;Baleen plates are;rigid and have small hairs on one side only.;soft and have hairs all around their surface.;rigid and have hairs all around their surface.;rigid without any hairs.;soft without any hairs.;Question;11;of 25;Ambergris is _______________________.;decayed blubber made into joint ointment;undigested gut material from sperm whales;a fine perfume made from whale oil;special baleen found in the blue whale;a small island in the Caribbean where whales congregate;Question;12;of 25;Dolphins and other whales adapt for deep diving by;closing their ear openings.;emitting sound to clear their ears.;taking in as much air as possible.;increasing blood circulation to the skin.;collapsing their lungs.;Question;13;of 25;Which of the following is not an adaptation for deep diving in cetaceans?;Having more red blood cells to store more oxygen;Having more hemoglobin to store more oxygen;Slowing down of the heart rate;Lower tolerance to lactic acid;Having a lot of myoglobin in muscles to store more oxygen;Question;14;of 25;In apneustic breathing, which is practiced by most marine mammals, ______________________.;a small amount of air is kept in the lungs before diving;a large amount of air is kept in the mouth before diving;normal breathing is maintained before diving;several deep breaths are taken before exhaling and diving;no actual breathing takes place before diving;Question;15;of 25;Echolocation is a sense that relies on;vibrations.;sound.;smell.;vision.;electromagnetic waves.;Question;16;of 25;Echolocation is present in;all baleen whales;all toothed whales;some baleen whales;some toothed whales;some baleen whales AND most toothed whales;Question;17;of 25;The spermaceti organ of sperm whales is thought to regulate buoyancy and which of the following?;Store food;Produce sound;Assist in oxygen storage;Collect undigested food;Focus and direct sound waves;Question;18;of 25;Breaching refers to whales;jumping above the surface.;getting stranded on shore.;singing.;emitting sound for navigation.;diving deep to feed.;Question;19;of 25;The humpback and other baleen whales migrate every year to;feed in Antarctica during winter.;reproduce in Antarctica during summer.;reproduce in the tropics during winter.;feed in the tropics during winter.;feed in the tropics during summer.;Question;20;of 25;Delayed implantation of the embryo allows pinnipeds to;nurse a pup while pregnant.;time birth with the arrival to the breeding area.;delay courtship for a year.;establish harems.;ovulate after copulation.;Question;21;of 25;Which of the following alternatives does not apply to the typical cetacean calf?;Born tail first;Establishes a long and strong bond with its mother;Feeds on very rich milk that is squirted directly into its mouth;Is born with a developed blubber;Must swim to the surface immediately after birth;Question;22;of 25;Which of the following is accurate regarding Emperor penguins?;Pairs mate for life;Lay two eggs during winter;Live in the Arctic;Female tends egg during development;Eggs develop in about 64 days;Question;23;of 25;Convergent evolution means that;organisms possess similar structures because they have a similar lifestyle.;organisms possess similar structures because they descended from a common ancestor.;closely related organisms have evolved and do not resemble one another anymore.;closely related organisms have different structures for same purpose.;none of the above.;Question;24;of 25;An example of convergent evolution is which of the following?;Dolphins and whales;Manatees and dugongs;Dolphins and fish;Seals and fur seals;Dolphins and sea otters;Question;25;of 25;Which;of the following marine birds has a long, forked tail and soars along;the coast forcing other birds to regurgitate fish in midair?;Arctic tern;Sandpipers;Pelicans;Frigatebirds;Penguins


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