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Question;1. a. What are the three classes of mollusks? (3;points);b. Explain the;shells of each of the three classes of mollusks. (3 points);c. Name one;example of each of the three classes of mollusks. (3 points);2. What is the largest class of mollusks? (1 point);3. Name one cephalopod that still has a shell. (1 point);4. Why is the name cephalopod appropriate for this class of;animals? (1 point);5. a. What does it mean to exhibit bilateral symmetry? (1;point);b. Which side of a;squid is the dorsal side? (1 point);c. Which side of a;squid is the ventral side? (1 point);6. a. How many tentacles are found on a squid? (1;point);b. What is the;function of the tentacles? (1 point);c. How many arms;are there on a squid? (1 point);d. What is the;function of the arms? (1 point);e. How is the;arrangement of suckers on the tentacles different from the arrangement on the;arms? (1 point);7. a. How does a squid maintain body stability? (1;point);b. How does a;squid propel itself through the water? (1 point);8. How does a male squid transfer sperm from its body to;that of the female? (1 point);9. a. How do squid bring oxygen into their bodies? (1;point);b. How do they get;rid of carbon dioxide? (1 point);10. Identify the functions of the following structures: (10;points);a. beak;b. eye;c. ganglia;d. hearts;e. mantle;f. pen;g. radula;h. stomach;i. suckers;j. testes;11. What is the olfactory crest? (1 point);12. What are two ways that squid can protect themselves from;predators? (2 points);13. The pen is the vestigial internal shell of the squid.;What does the term vestigial mean? (1 point);14. a. What is an advantage of having a shell? (1;point);b. What is an;advantage of not having a shell? (1 point);--Answer below;15. How many species of cephalopods are found in freshwater?;(1 point);17. How many hearts does a squid have? (1 point);19. What are chromatophores? (1 point);20. a. Was the squid male or female? (1 point);b. What was the distinguishing characteristic?;(1 point)


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