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Question;Define the following terms:Cellular respiration (aerobic respiration) (2 points)Fermentation (anaerobic respiration) (2 points)Summarize what occurs during the three steps of;cellular respiration and indicate where each process takes place in the;cell. (6 points)GlycolysisKrebs cycleOxidative phosphorylationWhat is the primary energy molecule in cells? (5;points)List the equation in word and chemical form for each of;the following processes: (6 points)Cellular respirationAlcoholic fermentationLactic acid fermentationDoes glycolysis require the presence of oxygen? Please;explain your answer. (5 points)Review;the results from the Rate of Cellular Respiration and Exercise procedure of the;lab (Part I) to answer the following questions.;Why was phenol red used as an indicator of cellular;respiration? (5 points)How did exercise affect the rate of cellular;respiration? (Hint: Review the time it took for the solution to;change with and without exercise). (5 points)Review;the results from the Cellular Respiration in Peas procedure of the lab (Part;II) to answer the following questions.;What is the advantage of cellular respiration? (5;points)Review;the results from the Fermentation procedure of the lab (Part III) to answer the;following questions.;Based on the results, what was the;best source of energy (e.g., food) for the yeast? (3 points);Based on the results, what was the;worst source of energy (e.g., food) for the yeast? (3 points);What factors (ingredients);negatively affected the growth of yeast? (3 points);What is the name for the type of;fermentation that yeast use? (3 points);List two commercial uses of;fermentation. (2 points).;a.;(Application) How might the information gained from this lab pertaining;to cellular respiration and fermentation be useful to a student employed in a;healthcare related profession? (20 points)


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