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Bio145 lab 4




Question;What units of measurement are used to describe wavelengths;2. What range of wavelengths of light are absorbed by;photosynthetic organisms? (2 points);3. How are different wavelengths of light seen? (2 points);4. Other than the visible spectrum, list two forms of;radiant energy found on the electromagnetic spectrum. (4 points);5. Where does photosynthesis occur? (2 points);6. Where, specifically, do the light-dependent reactions of;photosynthesis occur? (2 points);7. Where, specifically, do the light-independent reactions;of photosynthesis occur? (2 points);8. List the four pigments involved in photosynthesis. (4;points);9. Name the colors of the wavelengths of light reflected in;each of the four pigments involved in photosynthesis. (4 points);10. Explain why grass appears to be green. (2 points)14. List the four pigments of photosynthesis with their;corresponding Rf values. (8 points);16. (Application) How might the information gained from this;lab about photosynthesis be useful, or how can this knowledge be applied to;everyday life? (12 points)


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