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Question;1;of 25;Compared to air, seawater is stable. As a result, physical conditions ______ in the sea.;are always changing;fluctuate wildly;remain relatively constant;change between night and day;are always exactly the same at all depths;Question;2;of 25;The _______ provided by seawater allows marine organisms to reach large size without having a skeleton.;temperature;buoyancy;salinity;transparency;oxygen content;Question;3;of 25;Which of the earth's layers is considered to be its coolest?;Crust;Mantle;Inner Core;Asthenosphere;Outer Core;Question;4;of 25;Which of the following events removes dissolved oxygen (DO) from seawater?;Photosynthesis;Cellular respiration;Diffusion from the atmosphere;Loss of carbon from living tissue;Death of plankton at the sea bottom;Question;5;of 25;An object will sink in seawater if its density is ______________________.;greater than the density of sea water;less than the density of sea water;the same density as sea water;increasing with seawater depth;decreasing with seawater depth;Question;6;of 25;Places where crust plunges down into the mantle and is destroyed are called ___________ zones.;subduction;spreading;anomalous;tectonic;earthquake;Question;7;of 25;Which of the following statements about the salinity of seawater is FALSE?;Salinity is the total concentration of salts dissolved in the water.;Salinity averages 3.5% for most oceans.;If a person adds freshwater to seawater, the salinity will rise.;Seawater is more buoyant than freshwater.;Seawater tastes salty to humans.;Question;8;of 25;At 4?C_____________.;water will begin to boil;water converts to steam;all life moves more slowly in water;water molecules become more compact down to 2?C;water reaches its maximum density;Question;9;of 25;Hydrothermal vents form as a result of the accumulation of;animals from the deepest parts of the sea.;bodies of dead organisms that accumulate on the bottom of the sea.;rocks and debris dislocated by submarine movements.;various kinds of minerals.;lava as it flows out of cracks in the crust.;Question;10;of 25;Which wavelength penetrates the least distance in water?;Blue;Green;Yellow;Red;Violet;Question;11;of 25;The distance between the crests of two adjacent waves is called the __________.;wavelength;trough;amplitude;period;frequency;Question;12;of 25;The steepest part of the continental margin is known as the;shelf break.;continental rise.;edge of the abyssal plain.;continental slope.;shoreline.;Question;13;of 25;Tides are caused by;patterns of ocean current deflection.;pulses of magma flowing from the center of the earth.;gravitational attraction of the moon and sun.;plates of the earth's crust rubbing together.;the Coriolis Effect.;Question;14;of 25;The major continents have achieved their present position as a result of a geologic event known as ___.;continental migration;plate movement of land masses;earth-shift dynamic;continental drift;land-mass subduction;Question;15;of 25;There is evidence that the earth and the rest of the solar system formed about;5 million years ago.;1 billion years ago.;4.5 billion years ago.;10.5 billion years ago.;10 million years ago.;Question;16;of 25;The thinnest layer of the earth is the;inner core.;outer core.;crust.;mantle.;asthenosphere.;Question;17;of 25;Which of the following is not true of mid-ocean ridges?;Earthquakes and volcanoes are associated with them.;The sediments get thinner as one moves away from them.;The rock on the sea floor is older as one moves away from them.;Sea floor spreading is associated with them.;All are interconnected.;Question;18;of 25;Which of the following is the factor that most affects wind patterns in the atmosphere of the earth?;Evaporation;Cloud cover;Temperature;Katabatic winds;Gravitational pull of sun and moon;Question;19;of 25;Spring tides are caused by which of the following?;Gravitational attraction of the moon;Gravitational attraction of the sun;Gravitational attraction of the moon and the sun when in line;Gravitational attraction of the moon and the sun when at right angles to each other;Ocean currents;Question;20;of 25;The main thermocline is located at the zone;right above the mixed layer.;between the warm and cold layers.;along the bottom.;below the intermediate layer.;right at the surface in warm tropical water.;Question;21;of 25;How does the oxygen content of the ocean compare to the air that humans breathe?;Higher oxygen content;Lower oxygen content;No significant difference exists;Depends of the salinity of the water;Depends on the depth of the water;Question;22;of 25;Every;4,000 years a significant mixing of water from the depths of the ocean;occurs. This mixing is the result of ______________________.;thermocurrent density gradients;tidal shift events;El Ni?o;surface layer mixing;the great ocean conveyor;Question;23;of 25;The deadliest waves are known as _________________.;submerged waves;tsunamis;electromagnetic waves;surface waves;surging waves;Question;24;of 25;When a wave reaches the shore, _____________________.;the wavelength increases as the depth increases;the time between waves becomes longer;the depth decreases and the wave becomes more smooth;salinity decreases and the wave "breaks;the wavelength shortens, and the wave becomes higher and steeper;Question;25;of 25;Life around hydrothermal vents depends on;photosynthesis carried on by sea grass and other plants.;oxygen production by surface zooplankton.;food production by chemosynthetic bacteria.;light from the surface coming through tropical thermoclines.;the breakdown of dead phytoplankton drifting down from the surface.


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