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You will begin this lab by doing the following;Step 1: Right-click on the Windows Start button, and open Windows Explorer.;Step 2: Go to My Documents.;Step 3: Under My Documents, create a folder named "AIU." After this folder is created, click on the new folder.;Step 4: Create a new folder named "COMP102.;Step 5: Start Word;Step 6: Save a new document as your First Name, Last Name, IP1 (e.g., JohnDoeIP1) in the COMP102 folder.;Step 7: Go to Windows Explorer. Take a screenshot of how your directory looks by using the Snipping Tool in Windows 7 or by doing a Print Screen. The copy command (ctrl+c) will put a picture of your file structure in your clipboard.;Step 8: In your Word document, paste the picture of your directory structure. It should look like the example below. It does not have to look exactly like this, but it should show the AIU folder and the COMP102 folder.


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