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1. Determine whether the condition is true or false. Assume a = 2 and b = 3.;((a = b) Or Not (b < a)) And ((a < b) Or (b = a + 1));2. Determine whether or not the two conditions are equivalent - that is, whether they will be true or false for exactly the same values of the variables appearing in them.;Not ((a = b) Or (a = c)), (a <> b) And (a <> c);3. Determine the output displayed in the text box when the button is clicked. Assume the response is B;Private Sub btnDisplay_Click(...) Handles btnDisplay.Click;Dim letter As String;letter = InputBox("Enter A, B, or C.");letter = letter.ToUpper;If letter = "A" Then;txtOutput.Text = "A, my name is Alice.;ElseIf letter = "B" Then;txtOutput.Text = "To be, or not to be.;ElseIf letter = "C" Then;txtOutput.Text = "Oh, say, can you see.;Else;txtOutput.Text = "Not a valid letter.;End If;End Sub;4. Identify the errors.;Private Sub btnDisplay_Click(...) Handles btnDisplay.Click;Is your program correct?;Dim query, answer1, answer2 As String;query = "Are you sure everything in your program is correct?;answer1 = InputBox(query);answer1 = answer1.ToUpper.Substring(0, 1);If answer1 = "N" Then;txtOutput.Text = "Don't patch bad code, rewrite it.;Else;query = "Does your program run correctly?;answer2 = InputBox(query);answer2 = answer2.ToUpper.Substring(0, 1);If answer2 = "Y" Then;txtOutput.Text = "Congratulations.;Else;txtOutput.Text = "Something you are sure about is wrong.;End If;End Sub;5. The current calendar, called the Gregorian calendar, was introduced in 1582. Every year divisible by four was declared to be a leap year, with the exception of the years ending in 00 (that is those divisible by 100) and not divisible by 400. For instance, the years 1600 and 2000 are leap years, but 1700, 1800, and 1900 are not. Write a program that requests a year as input and states whether it is a leap year. (Test the program on the years 2008, 2009, 1900, and 2000.);6. For each of the responses shown in the parentheses, determine the output displayed in the text box when the button is clicked.;Private Sub btnDisplay_Click(...) Handles btnDisplay.Click;Dim yearENIAC As Integer;Ask question and obtain answer;Dim message As String;message = "In what year was the ENIAC computer completed?;yearENIAC = CInt(InputBox(message));Respond to answer;Select Case yearENIAC;Case 1945;txtOutput.Text = "Correct.;Case 1943 To 1947;txtOutput.Text = "Close, 1945.;Case Is 1947;txtOutput.Text = "No, 1945. By then IBM had built;a stored-program computer.;End Select;End Sub;(1940, 1945, 1950);7. Rewrite the code using a Select Case block.;If a = 1 Then;lstOutput.Items.Add("lambs");End If;If ((a <= 3) And (a 7)) Then;lstOutput.Items.Add("ivy");End If


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