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1. Determine the first two lines of the new file created by the code below. This exercise refers to the file Justices.txt that contains data about the Supreme Court justices, past and present. Each record contains six fields ? first name, last name, appointing president, home state, year appointed, and year they left the court. If they are still on the court, the last field is set to 0. The first two lines of the file are as follows;Samuel, Alito, George W. Bush, NJ, 2006, 0;Henry, Baldwin, Andrew Jackson, PA, 1844;Dim query = From line Int IO.File.ReadAllLines(?Justices.txt?);Let data = line.Split(?,?C);Let firstName = data(0);Let lastName = data(1);Let fullName = firstName & ? ? & lastName;Let state = data(3);Select fullName & ??? & state;IO.File.WriteAllLines(?NewFile.txt?, query);2. Describe the new file created by the code.;Dim query = From line In IO.File.ReadAllLines(?Justices.txt?);Let data = line.Split(?,?c);Let firstName = data(0);Let lastName = data(1);Let state = data(3);Let yrAppointed = CInt(data(4));Let fullName = firstName & ? ? & lastName;Let newLine = state & ?, ? & fullName;Where (yrAppointed >= 1990) And (yrAppointed < 2000);Order By yrAppointed;Select newline;IO.File.WriteAllLines(?NewFile.txt?, query);3. Determine the output displayed in the text box when the button is clicked.;Private Sub btnDisplay_Click(?) Handles btnDisplay.Click;Dim salutation, welcome As String;Dim sw As IO.StreamWriter = IO.File.CreateText(?Greetings.txt?);sw.WriteLine(?Hello?);sw.WriteLine(?Aloha?);sw.Close();Dim sr As IO.StreamReader = IO.File.OpenText(?Greetings.txt?);salutation = sr.Readline;welcome = sr.Readline;sr.Close();txtOutput.Text = welcome;End Sub;4. Identify any errors. Assume that the contents of the Greetings.txt file are;Hello;Aloha;Bon Jour;Private Sub btnDisplay_Click(?) Handles btnDisplay.Click;Dim name, greeting As String;Dim sr As IO.StreamReader = IO.File.OpentText(?Greetings.txt?);name = ?NewGreet.txt?;Dim sw As IO.StreamWriter = IO.CreateText(?name?);Do Until sr.EndOfStream;greeting = sr.Readline;sw.Writeline(greeting);Loop;sr.Close();sw.Close();End Sub;5. The first two lines of the file AgetAtInaug.txt are;George Washington, 57;John Adams, 61;whereeach record has two fields ? name of president and his age when inaugurated. Create an XML file containing these two records;6. The CSV file Senate.txt contains a record for each member of the 111th U.S. Senate. (The 111th U. S. Senate was installed in 2009.) Each record contains three fields ? name, state, and party affiliation. Some records in the files are;John McCain, Arizona, R;Joseph Lieberman, Connecticut, I;Kirsten Gillibrand, New York, D;(a) Write a program that uses the file Senate111.txt and creates an XML file containing the same information.;(b) Write a program that uses the XML file from par (a) to display the names, states, and party affiliation of all the senators in the DataGridView in order by state. The two senators from each state should be in order by their first names.


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