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R?sum? and Cover Letters




This assignment is in two parts;Part I: Find two potential jobs that might interest you.;1st: Web Designing;2nd: Internet marketing;Part II: Write a cover letter for each one of the potential jobs and write a r?sum?.;Part I;First, using the Internet, find two potential jobs that might interest you. One of the positions must contain a vague job description and the other must contain a very specific job description. Feel free to go to sites such as or Copy and paste these two different job descriptions into a Microsoft Word Document.;Part II;Next, write a cover letter for each one of the potential jobs. Make sure each is written in a way that best matches the type of job description in the advertisement. Finally, write your r?sum?.;Post the job descriptions, cover letters, and r?sum? in a Microsoft Word document to this Discussion Area.;By the end of the week, review at least two other classmates' documents and discuss the following using this Discussion Area;If this r?sum? were placed on your desk, would you likely invite the person for an interview?;Do the cover letters adequately address the unique needs of each job description?;Are all of the materials free from typographical and grammatical errors?;Criteria for grading;Quality of initial posting;Writing mechanics, (spelling, grammar, APA format) and information literacy


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