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The LIFE Cafe has three types of menu




The LIFE Cafe has three types of menu. The price for each menu is stated in the following table.;Type of Menu;Types of Menu;Price;Kids Meal;RM 10.50;Snack;RM 15.50;Combo;RM 18.00;Each customer must pay additional 5% for the government tax. Write a program that includes the following statements.;Read a type of menu and number of order.;Calculate the government tax and total price of each customer order.;Read amount received by the customer.;Calculate the balance to be returned to the customer;Print a receipt for the customer using the following format.;WELCOME TO LIFE Caf?;*************************************************************************************;Type of Menu: xxxxxxxxxxx;Number of order (s): xxx;Total (RM):XXXX.XX;Cash (RM):xxxx.xx;Balance:xxxx.xx;Thank you. Please come again.;*************************************************************************************;These processes will be repeated when customer received the order. Calculate total customer and total sets collection for that day.


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