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6-1 Discussion: Leadership;Leadership takes many forms and is heavily influenced by both individual personalities and company cultures. Its effectiveness is also dependent on how we as individuals perceive it. Review 8 Common Leadership Styles from The Center for Association Leadership in preparation for making your initial post.;Describe the leadership styles, including the position/role of the individuals, you have observed at your workplace. Give an example of a very effective use of a particular leadership style, and an example where use of a different style may have been more effective.;In responding to other students, think about whether you would have perceived the styles used in both the very effective and not-so-effective situations in the same manner as the original poster.;(Do not use invidividual's names in your posts. Refer to their role or position only.);This week?s focus in the discussion room is leadership. The topic is to relate to the 8 common leadership styles from the Center for Association Leadership;;1. Charismatic;2. Innovative;3. Command and Control;4. Laissez-Faire;5. Pace Setter;6. Servant;7. Situational;8. Transformational;As individuals on an Information Technology track we may apply these techniques in ways not as visible as other professions, yet they can be integral to our success in the technical world. Through consideration for the human state at all levels of IT functions enables us to be more proficient at our craft and increase our genuine enthusiasm for what we do, which all leads to our personal growth and enrichment.


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