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WEEK 4 Discussion 1 - 2 - 3: WEB 240




Discussion Question-1;? What is the purpose of using JavaScript on a website? What is a specific example of a JavaScript application that will be beneficial on the site you are creating? Use an example other than from validation. What is the step-by-step process that would be followed to add the JavaScript described in your example to a web site?;Discussion Question-2;? What is an example of a JavaScript framework? In the framework you have described, what is an example of an application that would work well on the site you are building for the class? What is the purpose of the application and how will it enhance your site?;Discussion Question-3;? Based on the Keston (2013) article, what are the advantages and disadvantages of using mashups? What is one example from the list in Table 1 of popular mashup categories that would work well on your site? How would you like the mashup to work? How would it fit with the goals for your site?


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