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Consider this scenario: You are writing a survival guide to your future self several courses from now. Include information and advice you would give your future self to succeed in your courses.;Compile a survival guide that will serve as a resource throughout your program.;Option 1: Paper: Develop a personal action plan as a formal paper of 700- to 1,400-words.;Option 2: Brochure: Develop a personal action plan as a brochure, using one of the templates in Microsoft? Word?.;Include the following topics in your survival guide, using what you learned in class and My Career Plan;General internet skills;University of Phoenix and University Library resources;Recognizing personal competencies;Upholding academic honesty;Consider how you can use your career plan and other knowledge gained in this course as you complete your program;Managing time wisely;Fostering reading comprehension and retention;Adapting work habits to fit your personality;Provide the name of the author along with related content and the work's title if you submit work other than yours. When referring to electronic sources, provide the link.;Post the survival guide as an attachment.


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