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Domain Design for Security Worksheet




Domain Design for Security Worksheet;Research and examine a domain model for security that is different from the one you previously developed for this course. Assume that recent compromises of sensitive information require security enhancements. = Previous one is attached as a document;Respond to the following questions. Feel free to add additional information to address the security concern.;? Which of the following domain models was used? (Windows Server 2008 Unleashed by Rand Morimoto, Michael Noel, Omar Droubi and Ross Mistry, 2010, pp. 155?170);o Single domain model;o Multiple domain model;o Multiple trees in a single forest model;o Federated forests design model;o Peer-root model;o Placeholder domain model;o Special-purpose domain model;? How do the subnets affect the domain design?;? Can security be improved by implementing a different domain model? If so, which domain model do you recommend?;? How can the domain name system (DNS) design be improved, if at all?;? How does the use of an Internet domain name affect the choice of the DNS name-resolution processes?;? Can the process outlined to use an ISDN be improved?;Assume that each business is doing so well that the number of employees at each site is being increased. Additionally, assume that at least two sites have at least 75 users and that another two sites have at least 150 users.;? What changes would need to be made to the various types of domain controllers to accommodate the user population?


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