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I have no idea how to program this piece of crap. I can do the damn math calculations, but I HAVE to simulate this using a computer. I have no programming experience and the teacher didn't teach us how to use a damn math calculation program. NOT EVEN ONCE.;Use at least 10000 simulations to answer the following questions.;I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO PROGRAM "Hello World;1. Suppose Xi for i=1, 2, 3... has Uniform (0,1) distribution.;A. Let M = min (n: X1 + X2 +... + Xn> 1). Find E (M) by simulation.;B. Let N = min (n+1: Xn > Xn+1). Find E (N) by simulation.;2. Toss a pair of fair dice. If you get any double stop and lose. Otherwise keep tossing. If any sum gets repeated before getting any doubles stop and win.;A. Find the probability of winning;B. Find the expected number of tosses per game.


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