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JAVA (Armyvehicles PROGRAM)




JAVA Programming;[Pin It];You are to develop a system that tracks military vehicles for a;National Guard UTES. The UTES maintains two types of vehicles;tracked and wheeled. Wheeled vehicles are the Stryker and the Humvee.;Tracked vehicles are the M1Abrams and the M2Bradley.;The M1Abrams uses jet fuel and has a crew of 4. Its BII (Basic Issue;Item) list includes a 1st Aid kit, 500 rounds of 50 cal. and 30;shells. The M2Bradley has a crew of 3 and uses diesel fuel. Its BII;includes a 1st Aid kit, 500 rounds of 50 cal. and 7 TOW missiles.;The Stryker uses diesel fuel, has a crew of two, and its BII includes;a 1st Aid kit, 500 rounds of 50 cal. and 30 grenades. The Humvees;have no armament and a crew of two. Their BII includes a 1st Aid kit;and 50 flares.;Your application should use an Arraylist and allow a user to add as;many vehicles of the above types as he/she wishes. When the user;selects a vehicle, he/she will be prompted to provide the name and;rank of the vehicle's commander, and the amount of fuel (in gals);pumped in. At the conclusion of each entry, the system should ask the;user to continue or print out a list of entered vehicles, along with;fuel type and amount, the commander's name and rank, and the vehicles;BII.;The fuel amount must be checked to ensure that an integer value was entered.;Project 2;For Project 2 you are to rework Project 1 as a GUI based application.;The only additional requirement will be that your application must be;able to save and retrieve entered data. You may do this by;writing to and reading from a text file. (Note: this will;actually be rather difficult.);writing to and reading from a SQLite database.;using serialization.;The interface will be of your own design, but keep in mind that you;will need to display the BII lists in some sort of TextArea.


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