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several free email services are availble online. the website located at http://email.about.comod/freee-mailreviews/tp/free_e-mail.htm provides an overview of the top 16 free email services. Access this site and answer the following: (1) How many service are listed? (2) Assume you are looking for a fre email service. Answer the following questions;Which service would you select and why;Which service would be your second choice and why?;Which services use the Google approach to email?;Which services offer POP or IMAP access, and which allow you to download messages to any email program?;Select three of the services that you consider less popular.;Revies each of the three services you selected and list the pros and cons for each service.;Due by tonight at 11:00 pm.;Will pay $10.00;200 words or one page.


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