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introduction computing;Question 1;Write a program which reads a string as an input then it counts number of occurrences for each letter, and then displays the letters which occurred 3 times or more. Note that your string may contain ASCII characters other than letters, but we want to count letters only. Also note that small and capital letters are equivalent (no difference between uppercase and lowercase letters).;Sample input/output (inputs are underlined):? Enter a string: Smile! You are a CS student. Aren?t you?;Letters which occurred 3 times or more are: a, e, s, t, u;Question 2;A sequence of n > 0 integers is called a jolly jumper if the absolute values of the difference between successive elements take on all the values 1 through n-1. For instance, 1 4 2 3 is a jolly jumper, because the absolutes differences are 3, 2, and 1 respectively. The definition implies that any sequence of a single integer is a jolly jumper. You are to write a program to determine whether or not each of a number of sequences is a jolly jumper.;Input;Each line of input contains an integer n <= 3000 followed by n integers representing the sequence.;Output;For each line of input, generate a line of output saying "Jolly" or "Not jolly".;Sample Input;41423?5 1 4 2 -1 6;Sample Output;Jolly;Not jolly;Question 3;Using function template, write one function which sorts an array of any type (int, double, char, string). Then write a program which tests your function on different types.;Introduction to Computing;Before submitting your assignment, read the following instructions carefully;1. Submit neat and well organized C++ code(s) by adding comments to your code(s), giving the varia- bles representative names and printing appropriate messages for the output.?;2. The assignment should be uploaded to the portal (follow the TA?s instructions). Do NOT submit the assignment by email.?;3. Assignments which are not uploaded to the portal will NOT be accepted.?;4. Give a representative name for your.cpp file ?e.g. question1.cpp?.?;5. Deadline is firm (11:55 pm of the due date). It will NOT be postponed.?;6. Copied assignments will be evaluated to ZERO.?;7. Whenever you have any question or need any clarification, PLEASE ask ME or ask our TA.?


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