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HW4 EZ Loan Processing




EZ Loan Processing Homework 4 ? Inheritance;Problem;Create a base class to store characteristics about a loan. Include customer details in the Loan base class;such as name, loan number, and amount of loan. Define subclasses of auto loan and home loan. Include;unique characteristics in the derived classes. For example you might include details about the specific;auto in the auto loan class and details about the home in the home loan class. Test your design by;displaying information about both types of loans.;Requirements;1) Using proper naming conventions for constants (UPPER_CASE), variables (camelCase) and;methods/classes (PascalCase).;2) Output should be formatted properly.;3) Program should compile and run without errors.;Submission;1) Name your project: YourLastNameHW04;2) Upload the zip file on D2L;Sample OutputFor Home LoansFor Auto Loans


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