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first of all i want to make it clear,you have to be software enginerring major to help me on this one,please dont message me if you not my life depends on this work,and it is due in 3hrs so im willing to pay good for it;QUESTIONS;Question 5: (20 points) CMMI Question s;a. Describe how Specific Practices defined in Process Area Project Planning (PP) support the Specific Practices defined in Process Area Project Monitoring and Control (PMC). That is, elaborate why PP serves as the basis for PMC as defined in CMMI.;b. A weakness in PP identified in a CMMI appraisal for an organization states as follow;Skills needed for project team members in order to complete the tasks are not clearly specified in project planning activities, thus possible risks associated with people cannot be discovered and required training may not be carried out in time.;Please provide specific suggestions on how to help the organization fix this problem. Briefly justify your answer.


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