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PART I;Complete the following program exercises. When you have completed the following exercises, compress the program folder and submit file. These are all separate exercise, so you will have a separate file for each exercise.;Exercises from 5.1;Determine the output displayed when the button is clicked;Problem One;Private Sub btnConvert_Click(?) Handles btnConvert.Click;?Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit;Dim temp As Double = 95;txtOutput,Text = CStr (CtoF (temp));End Sub;Function CtoF (ByVal t As Double) As Double;Return ((9 / 5) * t) + 32;End Function;Problem Two;Private Sub btnDisplay_Click(?) Handles btnDisplay.Click;?Rule of 72;Dim p As Double;p = CDbl (txtPopGr.Text) ?Population growth as a percent;txtOutput.Text = ?The population will double in ?;DoubleTime(p) & ? years.;End Sub;Function DoublingTime(ByVal x As Double) As Double;?Number of cars that can be parked;Return 100 * x;End Function;Problem Three;Private Sub btnDisplay_Click(?) Handles btnDisplay.Click;Dim d As Date = #12/4/2011#;txtOutput.Text = MonthAbbr(d);End Sub;Funcion MonthAbbr(ByVal d As Date) As String;Dim str As String = FormatDateTime(d, DateFormat.LongDate);Dim n As Integer = str.IndexOf(? ?);Return str.Substring(n + 1, 3);End Function;Exercises from 5.2;Write a program that displays the output shown in a list box. The last two lines of the output should be displayed by one or more Sub procedures using data passed by variables from an event procedure.;Problem One;Assume that the following is displayed.;According to a 2008 survey of college freshman taken by the Higher;Education Research Institute;16.7 percent said they intend to major in business.;1 percent said they intend to major in computer science.;Problem Two;Assume that the label for txtBox reads ?What is your favorite number??, and the user types 7 into txtBox before btnDisplay is clicked.;The sum of your favorite number with itself is 14.;The product of your favorite number with itself is 49.;Problem Three;Assume that the current date is 12/31/2010, the label for txtBox reads ?What is your date of birth??, and the user enters 2/3/1984 into txtBox before btnDisplay is clicked.;You are now 26 years old.;You have lived for 9824 days.


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