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Exercises from 4.1 Determine whether the condition is true or false. Assume a = 2 and b = 3. 3 * a...




Exercises from 4.1;Determine whether the condition is true or false. Assume a = 2 and b = 3.;3 * a = 2 * b;(5 ? a) * b < 7;b <= 3;(a * a < b) Or Not (a * a < a);Exercises from 4.2;Write a program to determine how much to tip the server in a restaurant. The tip should be 15% of the check, with a minimum of $1.;A bagel shop charges 75 cents per bagel for orders of less than a half-dozen bagels and 60 cents per bagel for orders of a half-dozen or more. Write a program that requests the number of bagels ordered and displays the total cost. (Test the program for orders of four bagels and a dozen bagels.);Exercise from 4.3;For the responses shown in the parentheses, determine the output displayed in the text box when the button is clicked on.;Private Sub btnDisplay_Click(?) Handles btnDisplay.Click;Dim age, price As Double;age = CDbl (InputBox (?What is your age??));Select Case age;Case Is = 17;price = 5;End Select;txtOutput.Text = ?The price is ? & FormatCurrency (price);End Sub;(8.5, 17);Exercises from 4.4;Determine the effect of setting the property to the value shown.;GroupBox1.Text = ?Income;CheckBox1.Checked = True;CheckBox1.Checked = False;CheckBox1.Text = ?&Vanilla;RadioButton1.Checked = False;txtOutput.Text = 1stBox.Text;RadioButton1.Text = ?Clear & All;RadioButton1.Checked = True


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