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Hello, Please prepare the answers for the followin...




Hello, Please prepare the answers for the following questions (case attached): 1. Prepare monthly income statements, balance sheets, cash budgets on sales increases of 500 units per month and 30-day advance production for January through September. When will the company need extra funds? How much will be needed? When can a short-term loan to cover the need be repaid? 2. How is it possible that a company starts with 250 000$ in capital and has profitable sales for a period of six months and still ends up with zero bank balance? Why did Medieval Adventures need money in April? How could this need have been avoided? 3. From your calculations and financial statements for Question 1 , derive cash flow statements for the months of March, May, and July from each month's beginning and ending balance sheets and income statement. Compare these derived cash flow statements with the cash budgets prepared directly in Question 1.,Hello, is it possible to get a comment on the homework you've answered? While going through the balance sheet, I wonder why assets part doesn't equal to Equities part? (Example: Cash 111250 Accounts Recievable 96250 Inventory 52500 260000 Equities Common Stock 250000 Retained Earnings -7500) Tank you in advance. Jelizaveta


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