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Assignment 1: Legal Aspects of U.S. Health Care System AdministrationDue Week 4 and worth 100 pointsPrevailing wisdom reinforces the fact that working in U.S. health care administration in the 21st Centuryrequires knowledge of the various aspects of health laws as they apply to dealing with medicalprofessionals. Further, because U.S. health care administrators have to potentially interact with manylevels of professionals beyond the medical profession, it is prudent that they are aware of any federal,state, and local laws that may be applicable to their organizations. Thus, their conduct is also subject tothe letter of the law. They must evaluate the quality of their professional interactions and be mindful of theimplications and ramifications of their decisions.You are employed as a top health administrator at the hypothetical Well Care Hospital in Happy Town.When you were hired, your pre-employment screening involved background checks into any violation ofhospital medical misconduct during the last five (5) years. The results showed that you were in goodstanding with the hospital administration community. During the past year, you had to undergo training inpersonnel conduct, as well as in inter-employee conduct with medical staff, nurses, technologists, etc.During the past six (6) months, the hospital has been under scrutiny for breach of medical compliance.Note: You may create and / or make all necessary assumptions needed for the completion of thisassignment.;Write a three to four (3-4) page paper in which you:1. Articulate your position as the top administrator concerned about the importance of professionalconduct within the health care setting. Justify your position.;2. Ascertain the major ramifications of having professional staff compromise the boundaries ofethics and medical conduct.;3. Analyze the four (4) elements required of a plaintiff to prove medical negligence.;4. Discuss the overarching duties of the health care governing board in mitigating the effects ofmedical non-compliance, as they apply to the rules of practice set forth in the Well Care Hospitalgoverning board?s manifesto.;5. Use at least five (5) quality academic resources in this assignment.;Note: Wikipedia and otherWebsites do not quality as academic resources.Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements: Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on allsides, citations and references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with yourprofessor for any additional instructions. Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student?s name, the professor?sname, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included inthe required assignment page length.


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