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Willing to pay $40 if you can you do one of the 2 options described below by 15 Dec, Monday 8pm Central Time;Format your paper consistent with APA, use at least 2 references and correctly use intext citations, (No Plagairism).;Option 1: Creating a Domain Model (Windows Server 2008 R2);Company Alpha has one location that contains the executive management team and all IT support, located in San Jose, CA, which contains one subnet. There are five other locations that are each organized using two subnets, each using static IPv4 addresses: Los Angeles, CA, Reno, NV, San Diego, CA, Seattle, WA, and Portland, OR. Describe the most likely domain model for the organization.;Note. The organization does not have an Internet presence but requires Internet access.;Write a 2- to 3-page paper that includes an internal domain name system (DNS) design for name-resolution.;How will you decide whether to use both forward and reverse lookup zones?;Why might you consider installing a redundant DNS infrastructure?;The San Jose office has an ISDN line that is part of a long-term lease. This line is occasionally used to send and receive potentially sensitive information.;What type of server or server role is needed to handle this type of traffic?;Option 2: Creating a Domain Model (Graphical) (Windows Server 2008 R2);Company Beta has two main locations that contain IT support. Their Boston, MA location contains the executive management team, and the CIO is at this location. Their second main location is in Toronto, Canada. The Boston office supports three other locations (Concord, NH, Stratford, CT, and Philadelphia, PA), each of which has three subnets. The Toronto office supports two other Canadian locations (Vancouver and Montreal) each with two subnets.;Create a 1-page diagram (You may use Microsoft ? Word ?s S hapes tool.) of the most likely domain model for the organization. The company has an Internet presence using the company domain. Show a diagram of a domain name system (DNS) design for name-resolution.;Write a 1 - to 2-page paper that explains the logic for your DNS design, supplements your diagram, and answers the following;The manager at the Toronto office wants to occasionally use an ISDN line to send sensitive information from a remote business location. How would you accommodate this requirement?


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