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Microsoft Access Week 12 Assignment




I will send screenshot of how table is supposed to look after handshake.;Week 12- Advanced Form Controls;This week you are use the controls you learned about in this week's lecture to customize the form/subform you created last week;Create a form/subform that looks like the one shown below.;The check box for preferred customer is not an interactive box. This is to be automatically checked if the customer is from California.;The Search box is a drop-down list of all customers. Selecting a name from the list jumps directly to that record. The same drop-down combo box tool used to populate the Item list is used for this as well. The different behavior depends on what you choose on the first screen of the wizard.;The TOTAL is a calculated field (price * qty) and the DISCOUNT is new function that will test to see if the quantity ordered is 5 or more, and if it is, then a 10% discount is given.;Those of you familiar with Excel know this function very well. It is called the IF fumction or the conditonal function. It asks a yes/no quetion, then states what should be done if the answer is yes, then what should be done if the answere is no. Excel users shold note that the spelling is different in Access. There are two I's IIF;Here is an example formula that might be used to put the word "FREE" for all customers with the Last Name "Smith". The formula shown is typed into the ab box exactly as it appears.;=IIF([LAST]="SMITH","FREE","PAY UP");Use a variation of this to give 10% if the quantity ordered is 5 or more.;Sometimes you might want to prevent the data entry operator from editing certain fields. The price might be such a field. You might notice that the Price column in the image above, is slightly shaded. This indicates that this field is disabled. An alternative to disabled, is lock. To implement either of these (you should try them both and choose your preference), look for a suitable property in the proeprties panel.;Change the name of the database to your name before uploading and submitting.;Submit your work by using the Assignment Drop-Box tool.;Be sure to use the discussion board if you need clarification on any topic.


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