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Please see attachment for question. This is a re-...




Please see attachment for question. This is a re-submittal,Hi Michael, do you have an idea when this will be completed? Thanks.,Hi Michal, sorry, I want to confirm the deadline I selected was by 4-8-11. I currently have 2 questions pending. Regards, John,Great, thanks so much.,Hi Michael, I have a few questions regarding the results: 1) For question #16, do I multiply the per unit by the total fixed cost?Example: for indirect materials: 22000 x 1.69 = $37180 for the answer? 2) How do I calculate teh variable efficiency variance and fixed volume variance? there was no answer given. Also, are these favorable or unfavorable? 3) I did not get a response for qustion #20. Do I need to send another attachment?


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