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The new gene knockin technology insertion of foreign genes




Recently, researchers from Hiroshima University, etc. The use of a novel gene knockin technology to achieve effective exogenous gene inserted into the genome, now the technology has been in human cells, animal models, such as frogs and the successful implementation of the silkworm, this technology not only can make the gene in cells in culture is inserted, may also be implemented in the insertion of foreign genes in various organisms. The findings are published in the journal Nature published the sub NatureCommunications.;Programmable nuclease genome editing can be realized homologous recombination-mediated gene insertion, however, the level of activity of homologous recombination in cultured cells and the majority of organisms is very low, which is the current development of homologous recombination-mediated gene insertion technology has brought some new problems.;Article, the researchers Ken-ichiT.Suzuki that we use a transcription activator-like effector nuclease (TALENs), and short palindromic repeat regularly spaced by precisely into the target chromosome system (PITCh) mediated sequence gathering successfully achieved the inserted gene.;TALENs mediated PITCh donor can make an exogenous DNA can be targeted effectively integrate into human chromosomes in cells and animal models, researchers also said that the future to HUMAN ESTRADIOL ELISA KIT mediated PITCh technology might be in not carrying plasmid backbone when applied to human cells sequence studies.;PITCh system has applications in many areas, including the development of disease model cells, animal models for drug screening and therapy development, researchers said that this new gene insertion technology will increase the production efficiency of recombinant proteins useful class cultured animal cells, such as pharmaceutical materials.;In silkworm cells, this new technology can help create more award functional recombinant silk protein, the researchers said finally, PITCh system will be able to enhance the effectiveness of gene editing technology in a variety of cells, especially in those with recombination lower level cells.


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