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ECET330 Week 6 Homework




1. Write in C a program to continuously read the DIP switches connected to PORTA and send it to;PORTB. (Points: 5);2. Assume that eight DIP switches are connected to PORTB and eight LEDs are connected to;PORTC. Assume that the switch values are normally high. Turn all of the LEDs on and wait in a;loop until one of the switches becomes zero. At that time, send 0x55 to PORTC. (Points: 5);3. Write a C program to declare two character arrays called list1 and list2. Initialize list1 with your;first and last name. Write the main code to copy list1 to list2. (Points: 5);4. Write a function to convert a character to uppercase (if it is lowercase) and return the character.;Hint: Subtracting 0x20 from the ASCII code of a lowercase character makes it an;uppercase. (Points: 5);5. Write a C program to convert a packed BCD at Port B to ASCII and display the bytes on PORTC;and PORTD. (Points: 5)


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