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Networking and OSI Model




In a paragraph answer the following, citing relevant examples wherever possible to include writing mechanics, spelling grammar APA and information literacy;Describe how error checking is handled in the data link layer. Define a check sum and describe how Transport layer protocols implement them to ensure data integrity. Define and describe sequencing.;Describe a network address including its addressing scheme, formats, and alternate names. Define and describe the two parts of a MAC address. Compare Ethernet and Token Ring frames in terms of their operation on a network.;Describe a drawback of analog signals. Describe two benefits of digital signaling that make it worthwhile even though extra signaling pulses are involved. Explain how half-duplex transmissions work.;Describe what frequency division multiplexing (FDM) is and how it works.;Describe variables that may influence the final cost of implementing a certain type of media. Explain the makeup of coaxial cable. Explain the makeup of twisted pair wire and describe the advantages of twisted pair wiring. Explain the makeup of fiber-optic cable and describe the benefits of fiber-optic cabling over copper cabling.;Describe the advantages and disadvantages of using traditional peer-to-peer networks. Describe the advantages client/server networks offer over peer-to-peer networks. Define a network operating system (NOS) and describe the tasks it performs. Describe license tracking in networks.


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