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Electronic Health Record Discussion Questions




Utilizing the Electronic Health Record to Improve Patient Outcomes;In 250-300 words discuss how an Electronic Health Record will assist with preventative screenings, immunization tracking, patient history, trending, and interactive alerts.;Provide two specific examples either from your text, or personal experience where these were captured and assisted with patient health outcomes.;Include a minimum of one APA citation within last five years from a scholarly resource (excluding the course text) to support your discussion.;Week 5 Discussion 2;Virtual Patient Encounters and E-Visits;In 250-300 words describe the differences between provider to patient e-mail, secure messaging, and E-visits. Also discuss the benefits of virtual encounters with a clinician and patient vs. one on one consultation.;Include the advantages and disadvantages for each. In what circumstances may any be inappropriate?;In want circumstances may one or more be advantages/preferred?


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