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Hi;I have these three simple programs.;1-;move the file input into a function, also;move the output to a function.;Finally, determine who is the oldest person;in the class, and then determine who the youngest;person is in the class;// Program Description: Arrays and Functions (and files), part 2;#include;#include;#include;using namespace std;int main();/*;Let's write a shorter program which will prompt;a user for his/her first name, last name and;age.;int number[] = {1, 44, 33, 2};0 1 2 3;cout < > fName[a];iFile >> lName[a];iFile >> age[a];a++;a--;for(int b=0,b<=a,b++);cout << "\n\nFirst Name: " << fName[b] << endl;cout << "Last Name: " << lName[b] << endl;cout << "Age: " << age[b] << endl;system("pause");return 0;2-;what I want you to do;move the horse position/drawing/etc code into a;function. Ideally, you would have the position;code inside of its own function;display the winner on the screen;option 1: use a lot of if statements;Option 2: use an array (easier);// Program Description: Horse Racing Program;#include;#include // two libraries needed to;#include // generate random numbers;using namespace std;cout << horse << ":;for(int b=0,b<=pos,b++);cout << ";cout << "~n-n^;pos = pos + rand() % 2 + 1;cout << endl;int main();int posA=0, posB=0, posC=0, posD=0, // counter to see where the horse;// is currently, can then use it to redraw;// the horse where he/she is needed;// how can I make the below horse move?;char horse;srand(time(NULL));// this line of code ensures that our program;// will generate a NEW random number each;// time we ask for one;for(int a=0,a<=25,a++);system("cls");horse='A;// call the function with the position;// of the horse and the horse name;for(int timer=0,timer<=100000000,timer++);// Grant, I want to simulate this horse moving;// across the screen, suggestions on how to;// do it?;/*;I could redraw the horse each time the loop;iterates with the horse in a new position;?;*/;cout << endl << endl;system("pause");return 0;3-;I want a kiosk style system for my movie theater.;I want customers to be able to purchase movie;tickets and/or food/drink items from this kiosk.;The customer will get a receipt he/she can bring;to get food/drink items, and also ticket for;any movie he/she wants to see.;The program should have one total that the customer;would pay when the customer is finished using;the kiosk;example: I buy 2 movies tickets for a particular;movie and also buy 2 popcorns and 2 drinks.;Ideally, I would have a combo package where a;customer can have purchase tickets, food/drink;items for a discount.;The kiosk will accept credit cards only, therefore;you do not need to worry payment code in your;program;what I am looking for in your program;Files for reading/displaying the available movies;Functions: should have functions for the movie;section, and also for food/drink items.;Finally, student discount of 10% if that person;has a student ID. If they do, then offer that;student a season pass for $100 which would allow;for unlimited movies for a the year


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