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Week5 PROJECT RISK MANAGEMENT;Write a 200- to 300-word short-answer response to the following: three assignments;Supporting Activity: Change Requests;?How should a project manager respond to a change request from a sponsor that is clearly beyond the scope of the project?;2. Supporting Activity: Successful Project Risk Management;? What can be done to ensure effective and successful project risk management?;3. Conceptualizing and Initializing the IT Project;?. How can a value-driven approach improve the likely-hood of IT project success?;Write a 100- to 200-word short-answer response to the following: five assignments;4. Project Implementation, Closure, and Evaluation;? What is the purpose of a project audit?;5. Project Implementation, Closure, and Evaluation;Why would it be difficult to evaluate whether or not a project achieved its MOV shortly after the information system is implemented?;6. Project Implementation, Closure, and Evaluation;What is the purpose of evaluating the project?s MOV?;7. Project Implementation, Closure, and Evaluation;? Why would evaluating whether a project achieved its MOV make many project managers and teams anxious? Why should it still be done?;8. Project Implementation, Closure, and Evaluation;What is the difference between a shortsighted and a knowledgeable project sponsor? How can making this distinction help the project manager during project closure?;Individual: Project Postmortem;Now that the company offsite 2-day training session project is over, conduct a postmortem review.;Submit a 1- to 2-page memo that does the following;?Details the benefits and drawbacks of a postmortem review;?Lists who should partake in this meeting;?Indicates what you hope to discover at the conclusion;Week4;Learning Team: Project Costing;The allocation and cost of resources need to be carefully monitored if a project is to be delivered on-time and on-budget.;At a minimum this section will contain the following;Allocation of resources to project tasks (both labor and material);Cost estimates for project resources;Gantt diagram showing duration estimates for all tasks and their sequencing (including precedence relations) and highlighting any critical path(s) arising from task dependencies ultimately determining the minimal duration of a project;In addition summarize any relevant facts about the project duration, number or type of resources, critical task sequencing, or how duration estimates were arrived at, and any financial implications (for example, budget or cost reports of the project as well);?Develop a baseline for your project plan so that all future variances are captured.;Write 2 to 3pages on your findings.;Learning Team: Project Evaluation and Control;Week5;Revise and submit all sections of your Learning Team project along with the Week Five section below.;It is essential for establishing confidence that a project will be executed effectively and with minimal waste. A plan for performance measurement requires identifying which critical element should be measured, how they are measured, and when they are measured to communicate if the project is on track.;At a minimum the section will contain the following;Measurable objectives identified as milestones on the Gantt chart;Risk mitigation strategy for analyzing and reporting unplanned changes as well what procedures you plan to implement for handling change control issues;Description of project reporting regarding the on-going evaluation and status of project efforts to stakeholder and participants on the project team;Method for determining whether the project has met its objectives and how the project is terminated;Write 2 to 3 pages on your findings


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