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Using SQL Data Management Studio Only please perform the instructions below showing screenshots of the each step. Using the Template Provided and with the Database provided.;Using the Northwind database, write a SQL SELECT statement that will retrieve the data for the following questions;Display the character constant 'Greeting' with a column heading of 'Hello.;1 row returned.;Display all data from the categories tables without specifying the names of the table columns. Order the results by CategoryName.;8 rows returned.;Display all employees' names, last name first, and then first name, hire date and home phone number. Order the results by employee name, last name first, and then first name.;9 rows returned.;Modify query 3 so that the column headings are as follows: 'Last Name,' 'First Name,' 'Date of Hire,' and 'Home Phone Number.;9 rows returned.;Display the product name and quantity per unit, units in stock, and unit price for all products that have a unit price greater than $50. Order the results by unit price in descending order.;7 rows returned;Display the Name of all U.S.-based suppliers. Order the results by Name in ascending order.;4 rows returned.;Display the Order Id, ShipName, Order Date, and Freight of all orders that have a freight >/= 50 and


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