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1. I am familiar with the steps I must take to complete the courses in my program.;A. Confirm;2. I signed up for the Community.;A. Confirm;3. I understand that if the Take Exam button for my next exam is greyed out on the My Courses page, I;may need to wait 24 to 48 hours for my course to get marked shipped or completed. I am aware that after;my course gets marked shipped or completed, I will be able to click on the Take Exam button and submit;my exam answers.;A. Confirm;4. I will use online materials and begin studying right away if I see this under a Course Description on the;My Courses page: ?Online delivery only. No materials will be shipped.?;A. Confirm;5. I understand how to access the My Homepage and My Courses page.;A. Confirm. With a USB keyboard, you'll be able to enter commands as soon as;A. the power switch is turned to ON.;B. the Windows OS loads the USB driver.;C. the Windows logo screen displays on the monitor.;D. a single beep tone is heard.;You turn on your PC and it begins to power up but fails to reach the point where your operating system screen is displayed. Which of the following tools might help you to troubleshoot the problem?;A. Multimeter;B. Diagnostic software;C. RS-232 minitester;You can reboot a PC from a floppy disk drive using;A. a virtual RAM drive.;B. a specially formatted Windows Start Up diskette.;C. any hard shell diskette with a sliding cover.;D. a blank IBM high density diskette.;D. POST diagnostic card;Which of the following PCs should you use to practice making repairs?;A. A Pentium 233 with Windows XP installed;B. A Pentium III in good condition with Windows 98 installed;C. Your own personal PC;D. A 486 in good condition with Windows 9.x installed Control and security of PCs, parts, and components in your work area is best achieved by;A. maintaining a complete and accurate log.;B. good physical organization.;C. keeping PCs and components in separate areas.;D. engraving all items with your social security number.;An antistatic wrist strap is;A. worn on the dominant hand.;B. essential in protecting you from electrical shock.;C. needed only when working on monitors.;D. used to prevent damage to sensitive electrical components. If an error message is displayed on your monitor during operation of your PC, what should you do first in an attempt to resolve the problem?;A. Check the manufacturer's Web site.;B. Check your system documentation.;C. Seek professional assistance.;D. Try changing system settings you think may be related to the problem.In Windows 7/Vista, the information that establishes basic settings such as the location of the operating system and other key startup parameters is located in the;A. Boot Manager (BOOTMGR) file.;B. Boot Configuration Database (BCD).;C. Partition Boot Record (PBR).;D. Boot Initialization (BOOT.INI) file.;The XP boot process was speeded up by which technological innovation?;A. By running boot functions in parallel;B. By locating the BOOT.INI file in its own directory;C. Hardware designed to use higher voltage while running boot routines;D. Microsoft mandated use of dedicated video RAM Which of the following would be the best Internet connection for a person living in a isolated area?;A. DSL;B. Fiber Optic;C. Satellite;D. Cable modem;allow the CPU to communicate with external devices or a network.;A. Front ports;B. Alternative slots;C. Expansion cards;D. Portable wiresObservation is a good skill to develop that enhances your ability to;A. articulate.;B. show patience.;C. paraphrase.;D. listen effectively.;While working at a customer's site, you realize that the customer could increase productivity by connecting selected PCs to a network. Mentioning this fact to the customer shows your;A. respect for the customer.;B. technical ability.;C. pledge to stand behind your work.;D. dependability. A self-employed technician might enter into a service contract at a discounted hourly rate in order to;A. have the opportunity to practice skills.;B. use up an inventory of parts.;C. lock in a guarantee of work.;D. build customer loyalty.;Two PC repair students are discussing the items that would be found on a swap shelf. Student A says that a USB cable should be on the shelf. Student B says that a few common software programs should be on the shelf. Which of the following statements is correct?;A. Only Student A;B. Neither;C. Only Student B;D. Both Under which of the following methods of charging would you probably work for less than your normal rate?;A. Cost plus premium;B. Flat fee;C. Service contract;D. Hourly rate;A customer wants you to build a customized computer for him. After you've obtained the parts, where's the best place to assemble the computer?;A. At your repair shop;B. At a computer-building seminar;C. At any convenient location at the customer's site;D. At the particular desk or spot where the computer will be used After you've installed a computer at a client's business, what should you do with the service documentation?;A. Take it back to your repair shop for reference.;B. Give it to the employee who will use the computer.;C. Store it with the shipping carton.;D. Organize it and store it in an accessible place at the customer's siteWhen setting your billing rates for your work with clients, which of these is not a consideration?;A. The profitability of your clients;B. Your rent, taxes and utility costs;C. The economy of your service area;D. Travel expenses to and from client sites;Which of the following traits is directly associated with your predisposition or mind-set?;A. Respect;B. Productivity;C. Attitude;D. Trust One of the parts in a customer's PC fails just a few weeks after you installed it. What should you do to demonstrate that you stand behind your work?;A. Bring in another technician to confirm that the part failed and was not damaged by the customer.;B. Replace the part immediately and pursue a warranty claim with the manufacturer.;C. Give the customer the address and phone number of the parts manufacturer.;D. Give the parts manufacturer the customer address and phone number and serial number of the failed part.When users purchase a software program, they;A. own the program.;B. may give a copy to a colleague.;C. have a license to use the software.;D. can modify the program code.;What is a result of being a certified PC technician?;A. Your parts and supplies are discounted.;B. You're authorized to build customized computers.;C. Your customers will consider you a professional.;D. Your work is guaranteed.


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