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1. With a USB keyboard, you'll be able to enter commands as soon as;A. the power switch is turned to ON.;B. the Windows OS loads the USB driver.;C. the Windows logo screen displays on the monitor.;D. a single beep tone is heard.;2. The best place to store a heavy object such as a display monitor is on;A. a shelf about six inches above the floor.;B. a shelf about five feet above the floor.;C. a shelf about waist height.;D. the floor.;3. You turn on your PC and it begins to power up but fails to reach the point where your operating system;screen is displayed. Which of the following tools might help you to troubleshoot the problem?;A. Multimeter;B. Diagnostic software;C. RS-232 minitester;D. POST diagnostic card;4. Complete this sentence with the most accurate statement;Magnetized tools in PC repair;A. help keep your toolbox organized.;B. facilitate the process of starting screws and fasteners.;C. make it easier to retrieve small parts that fall into the body of the computer.;D. should never be used.;5. You can reboot a PC from a floppy disk drive using;A. a virtual RAM drive.;B. a specially formatted Windows Start Up diskette.;C. any hard shell diskette with a sliding cover.;D. a blank IBM high density diskette.;6. To make a warranty claim on a defective PC, which of the following pieces of information is not;required?;A. Model;B. Original invoice;C. Sales person's ID number;D. Serial number;7. You've just completed setting up your system and turned the power on. As the system begins to boot;up, it suddenly stops and displays a message indicating that it can't detect a component. What should you;do next?;A. Check that all cables between the system unit and components are securely attached.;B. Call an electrician.;C. Look inside the system unit for loose or broken wires.;D. Ship the system back to the manufacturer with a written description of the problem.;8. Which of the following PCs should you use to practice making repairs?;A. A Pentium 233 with Windows XP installed;B. A Pentium III in good condition with Windows 98 installed;C. Your own personal PC;D. A 486 in good condition with Windows 9.x installed;9. Which of the following tools has three wire claws that can be extended to pick up and hold parts?;A. Parts retriever;B. Hemostatic forceps;C. Long-nosed pliers;D. Ratchet driver;10. What type of computer retailer can usually offer lower prices because they don't have the overhead of;storefronts and warehouses?;A. Electronics stores;B. Computer superstores;C. Mail-order vendors;D. Computer dealers;11. What component in the PC poses the greatest danger to you from electrical shock?;A. Hard drive;B. Power supply;C. System board;D. Peripheral device port connector;12. What multifunctional item should be in every PC repair tool kit?;A. Circuit boards;B. Rear vent;C. Floppy drive;D. Paper clip;13. Control and security of PCs, parts, and components in your work area is best achieved by;A. maintaining a complete and accurate log.;B. good physical organization.;C. keeping PCs and components in separate areas.;D. engraving all items with your social security number.;14. An antistatic wrist strap is;A. worn on the dominant hand.;B. essential in protecting you from electrical shock.;C. needed only when working on monitors.;D. used to prevent damage to sensitive electrical components.;15. If an error message is displayed on your monitor during operation of your PC, what should you do first;in an attempt to resolve the problem?;A. Check the manufacturer's Web site.;B. Check your system documentation.;C. Seek professional assistance.;D. Try changing system settings you think may be related to the problem.;16. Two PC repair technicians are discussing tools. Technician A says that it's best to buy multiple sets of;less expensive tools in case you lose them. Technician B says that a common slotted screwdriver should be;used for a Phillips-head screw if a Phillips-head screwdriver isn't available. Which of the following;statements is correct?;A. Neither;B. Only Technician A;C. Both;D. Only Technician B;17. Which of the following is not a cause of a start-up or boot failure on your PC?;A. Monitor resolution set improperly;B. Loose cable;C. Power supply failure;D. Missing or damaged initialization files;18. New Technology File System or NTFS is the;A. method used by DOS to store basic file commands.;B. replacement to the Original Technology File System or OTFS.;C. Windows standard for desktop file and folder arrangements.;D. file system that the Windows NT operating system uses for storing and retrieving files on a hard disk.;End of exam;19. What is the minimum amount of RAM needed to run Windows XP?;A. 1.5 gigabytes;B. 64 megabytes;C. 46 K;D. 32 K;20. Currently, the preferred method for addressing a defective part is to;A. replace the part with a new part.;B. degauss all ports.;C. troubleshoot to motherboard level.;D. send the part to the manufacturer for advanced diagnostics.;1. In today's PC environment, you're most likely to find floppy drives on;A. legacy or older computers.;B. stand alone networked terminals.;C. smartphones.;D. Kindles and IPADs.;2. Which of the following tasks is not performed by the operating system (OS) of a PC?;A. Formats graphics for Web sites;B. Manages memory;C. Controls input and output devices;D. Prioritizes system requests;3. In Windows 7/Vista, the information that establishes basic settings such as the location of the operating;system and other key startup parameters is located in the;A. Boot Manager (BOOTMGR) file.;B. Boot Configuration Database (BCD).;C. Partition Boot Record (PBR).;D. Boot Initialization (BOOT.INI) file.;4. Utilities software and word processing software are both examples of which of the following?;A. Printer software;B. Desktop publishing software;C. Network software;D. Application software;5. What does BIOS stand for?;A. Basic integrated operating system;B. Basic input/output system;C. Binary instruction override system;D. Backup information only system;6. What does NIC stand for?;A. Network information configuration;B. Network interface cache;C. Network information card;D. Network interface card;7. Which of the following best describes the ink-jet printer?;A. Similar in operation to a dot matrix printer and offers both high quality and affordability;B. Similar in operation to electric or manual typewriters;C. Works the same as a laser printer but uses light-emitting diodes;D. Uses expensive, heat-sensitive paper, is inflexible, and yields a low-quality output;8. The XP boot process was speeded up by which technological innovation?;A. By running boot functions in parallel;B. By locating the BOOT.INI file in its own directory;C. Hardware designed to use higher voltage while running boot routines;D. Microsoft mandated use of dedicated video RAM;9. Which of the following would be the best Internet connection for a person living in a isolated area?;A. DSL;B. Fiber Optic;C. Satellite;D. Cable modem;10. Power supplies in modern computers supply _______ volts.;A. 3.3, 6, and 12;B. 3.3, 5, and 12;C. 3.3, 5, and 6;D. 5, 6, and 12;11. An Internet Service Provider is a company that;A. diagnoses problems with your computer automatically.;B. requires proprietary software available only to paying customers.;C. keeps an inventory of all files on your hard drive.;D. acts as a utility to connect users to the Internet.;12. You should avoid trying to repair a CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) monitor because;A. you'll void the warranty.;B. high voltages remain in the CRT and can deliver dangerous shocks.;C. the attached PC contains encrypted coding that will be lost.;D. wiring to the PC might short out.;13. Which one of these devices is considered an input device?;A. Monitor;B. Scanner;C. Printer;D. Plotter;14. What type of mouse is becoming the most preferred?;A. Roller ball;B. Optical;C. Mechanical;D. Wheeled;15. Two PC repair technicians are discussing the electrical system of a PC. Technician A says that the;power supply provides electricity to all the devices in a PC. Technician B says that the power supply;supplies 3.3, 5, and 12 volts of AC power. Which technician is correct?;A. Only Technician A;B. Neither;C. Only Technician B;D. Both;16. Which piece of hardware is the computer's main secondary storage device?;A. Memory address;B. Scanner;C. Monitor;D. Hard drive;17. What operating system uses Fastboot?;A. Windows 7;B. Vista;C. Windows XP;D. Unix;18. All data must be copied into _______ before the CPU can read them.;A. cache;B. ROM;C. BIOS;D. RAM;19. _______ allow the CPU to communicate with external devices or a network.;A. Front ports;B. Alternative slots;C. Expansion cards;D. Portable wires;End of exam;20. The wireless mouse works by;A. Bluetooth connectivity to the CPU.;B. special purpose software running on an integrated circuit in the mouse case.;C. transmission to an antenna installed within 30 feet of the computer.;D. transmission to a receiver mounted;Student ID: 22132298;Exam: 027066RR - Preparing for Your Career as a PC Technician;When you have completed your exam and reviewed your answers, click Submit Exam. Answers will not be recorded until you;hit Submit Exam. If you need to exit before completing the exam, click Cancel Exam.;Questions 1 to 20: Select the best answer to each question. Note that a question and its answers may be split across a page;break, so be sure that you have seen the entire question and all the answers before choosing an answer.;1. Observation is a good skill to develop that enhances your ability to;A. articulate.;B. show patience.;C. paraphrase.;D. listen effectively.;2. While working at a customer's site, you realize that the customer could increase productivity by;connecting selected PCs to a network. Mentioning this fact to the customer shows your;A. respect for the customer.;B. technical ability.;C. pledge to stand behind your work.;D. dependability.;3. In order to have parts immediately available for replacement while keeping costs in line, a PC technician;should keep a/an;A. large inventory of all parts likely to fail.;B. open account with a parts supplier.;C. supply of salvaged computers.;D. swap shelf of parts.;4. After installing a new part in a customer's PC, your charge for the part should be no more than the;A. retail price plus a reasonable markup.;B. wholesale price you paid for the part.;C. retail price of the part.;D. wholesale price plus taxes and shipping.;5. You've just completed a service call. Before leaving the customer's site, you should;A. use this opportunity to sell the customer additional hardware or software.;B. ask the customer for leads to help expand your business.;C. remove unnecessary files from the customer's hard drive as a courtesy.;D. wait until you're sure that everything works properly.;6. A self-employed technician might enter into a service contract at a discounted hourly rate in order to;A. have the opportunity to practice skills.;B. use up an inventory of parts.;C. lock in a guarantee of work.;D. build customer loyalty.;7. What name is used to describe the illegal action of a dealer who installs unlicensed software on a;computer that he offers for sale?;A. Hard-disk loading;B. Program processing;C. False recovery;D. Unlawful origination;8. A+ certification is sponsored by;A. COMDEX.;B. PC Technicians Alliance.;C. CompTIA.;D. Software Information Industry Association.;9. Two PC repair students are discussing the items that would be found on a swap shelf. Student A says;that a USB cable should be on the shelf. Student B says that a few common software programs should be;on the shelf. Which of the following statements is correct?;A. Only Student A;B. Neither;C. Only Student B;D. Both;10. Under which of the following methods of charging would you probably work for less than your normal;rate?;A. Cost plus premium;B. Flat fee;C. Service contract;D. Hourly rate;11. A customer wants you to build a customized computer for him. After you've obtained the parts;where's the best place to assemble the computer?;A. At your repair shop;B. At a computer-building seminar;C. At any convenient location at the customer's site;D. At the particular desk or spot where the computer will be used;12. After you've installed a computer at a client's business, what should you do with the service;documentation?;A. Take it back to your repair shop for reference.;B. Give it to the employee who will use the computer.;C. Store it with the shipping carton.;D. Organize it and store it in an accessible place at the customer's site.;13. Which of the following is not a relevant piece of information to collect when troubleshooting a;computer problem?;A. Recent hardware or software changes;B. Number of users on the system;C. Determining whether the problem can be replicated;D. Date when computer was delivered;14. When setting your billing rates for your work with clients, which of these is not a consideration?;A. The profitability of your clients;B. Your rent, taxes and utility costs;C. The economy of your service area;D. Travel expenses to and from client sites;15. Which of the following traits is directly associated with your predisposition or mind-set?;A. Respect;B. Productivity;C. Attitude;D. Trust;16. One of the parts in a customer's PC fails just a few weeks after you installed it. What should you do to;demonstrate that you stand behind your work?;A. Bring in another technician to confirm that the part failed and was not damaged by the customer.;B. Replace the part immediately and pursue a warranty claim with the manufacturer.;C. Give the customer the address and phone number of the parts manufacturer.;D. Give the parts manufacturer the customer address and phone number and serial number of the failed part.;17. Admitting to a customer that you need technical assistance to solve a problem will help you maintain;your;A. functional appearance.;B. certification.;C. dependability.;D. credibility.;18. What is a result of being a certified PC technician?;A. Your parts and supplies are discounted.;B. You're authorized to build customized computers.;C. Your customers will consider you a professional.;D. Your work is guaranteed.;End of exam;19. A program written to solve problems by applying existing knowledge stored in a database is known as;a/an _______ system.;A. expert;B. inline;C. call-tracking;D. diagnostic;20. When users purchase a software program, they;A. own the program.;B. may give a copy to a colleague.;C. have a license to use the software.;D. can modify the program code.


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