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A Salesperson working for a company on a weekly basis. The salesperson regular pay is calculated by multiplying pay rate per hour times number of hours worked per week.;As bonus, the company pays the Salesperson 5 % commission on his or her total sales.;Assume that the the Salesperson has to pay the following deductions;City tax, which is 7% of his gross pay;Saving, which is 3% of his gross pay;Health insurance premium, which is 75 dirhams per week;Develop a Java application that should accept/read the following inputs;Salesman Name;Total Sales;Number of hours worked;Pay rate per hour;In addition the application should calculate and display the following outputs;Name of Salesperson;The Gross pay for the salesperson;Total deductions;Net pay;You need to apply the three-step development process;Create a table for all input/output variables use in the solution;Write the Java programming code to define the program;Test your solution by trying several input data;report. (see report format in the next page).;Organization of JAVA report;Section 1: Problem Analysis;In this section, you should define your input variables, and their type. You should also define your output variables and their type. Use a table to summarize your answers.;Section 2: Solution Design;In this section you should provide a Pseudo-code or a flowchart to explain your algorithm and the logic that will drive your Java code.;Section 3: Implementation;In this section, you should list your complete Java Code. Make sure that your code is optimized for speed and efficiency.;Section 5: Self-reflection;In this section, you should reflect on what you have learned in this project, and outline the challenges that you have faced while working on this project, and how you overcame them.


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