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Programming Assignment 2;This program will compute the cumulative GPA based on user input. This program will use dialog boxes with the JOptionPane class as well as the console to send/receive information to/from the user.;1. Use a dialog box to ask the user how many grades they would like to enter.;2. Print out the term number (automatically starting out at Term 1 the first run through the program);3. Prompt the user for the course name, the number of credits, and the grade using 3 separate dialog boxes.;H;A;A-;B+;B;B-;C+;C;C-;D;F;4;4;3.7;3.3;3;2.7;2.3;2;1.7;1;0;a. Standard letter grades and corresponding points;b. As you receive the course information, write this information to the console.;4. Once the user has input all of their course data calculate the term GPA and update/calculate the cumulative GPA. (Hint: where you declare these variables, inside or outside loops, will affect their functionality);5. Output the GPA to the user using the console (see output below).;6. Ask the user if they would like to continue with another term.;a. If the user would like to enter another term into their cumulative GPA calculation, go through the same process as above using appropriate loop structures.;b. If the user would not like to enter another term of courses,display the number of gold stars earned. Thank the user appropriately on the console.;7. Example output at the end of the entire program (if 2 courses were entered each for 2 separate terms). Format credits to print out to one decimal accuracy and GPA?s to two decimal place accuracy (hint: printf).;Term 1;Multi, 3.0, B+;Diff Eq, 3.0, A-;Term GPA: 3.5;Cumulative GPA: 3.5;Term 2;Morals and Ethics, 3.0, A;Physics, 4.0, B-;Term GPA: 3.26;Cumulative GPA: 3.37;Gold Stars Earned: **;Thank you


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