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C # Bank Register Application




you will create a banking account register.;The register will include AccountName, Account Number, and Account Balance, and it will allow a user to enter deposit or withdrawal;information. Throughout the chapters, you were given all of the tools necessary to complete this task.;Rules;1. The initial graphical user interface should contain a label that contains your name and MEID#;and it should provide two user interaction options: Enter Account Information and Clear.;2. When the user selects Enter Account Information, the graphical user interface should provide;three options: Account Name, Account Number, and Beginning Balance.;3. After the user enters the correct information, allow him/her to continue by using the Continue;Option.;4. The selection of Continue should provide the user with Withdrawal Amount and Deposit;Amount.;5. The Continue button selection should also make the label Beginning Balance read Available;Balance, and the text boxes in Account Information should become read?only.;6. Allow users to enter Withdrawal Amount and Deposit Amount and change Account Balance;accordingly.;7. Clear Withdrawal and Deposit amounts/text boxes so users can continue to enter additional;amounts.;8. The user should be able to add as many withdrawals and deposits as he/she wants.;9. The Clear button should clear the program and return to Step 1 whenever it is selected.;Form Layout;1. The form should include a label with your name and MEID# that is visible at all times.;2. The user should be able to click a button to enter account information or clear the form.;3. Your form should include the Account Name, Account Number, and Beginning Balance.;4. The user should be able to click a button to enter withdrawal and deposit amounts.;5. The user should be able to click a button to submit withdrawal and deposit amounts.;6. The user should be able to clear the form by pressing the Clear button.


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