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Read the following requirements carefully and draw the Data Flow Diagrams Level 0 and Level 1 using Microsoft Visio.;Tourism Website;Suppose we are going to develop a website ?PAK Tourism? for tourism promotion. Required functionality will be;? A general visitor may view ?Travel Guide? information for different areas of Pakistan. This information will include ?Weather ?, ?Currency Info?, "Do's and Don'ts",?Customs?, etc.;? Moreover he may view ?Tour Packages? offered by PAK Tourism by selecting a Destination (Historical places, Parks, Lakes, City tour,Northern Areas, etc) and after selecting sub category visitor can read tour complete info.(including No. of days, ?Amount?, ?Accommodation info?, ? Attractions? etc);? A visitor can send Query to ?PAK Tourism? by filling a small form including Name, email, phone and Query. Visitor will get response same day through email.;? A visitor may get Registration after filling ?Sign Up? form.;A Registered user will have additional functionality;? He/she will get authentication from website;? After getting login, user may book a Tour by filling form (which will include available options and payment modes)


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