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Create a form to register a user to an online store. ASP.NET




Create a form to register a user to an online store. Minimum Requirements;1. First Name, Last Name, Address 1, City, State, Zip, Email are Required Fields. Address 2 is not required but should be on the form.;2. User must create a username and password. These are required and the password must not be shown in clear text. Password should include a way to confirm password.;3. The form should ask their Gender (Male, Female, Prefer not to Say), Age (18 ? 100);4. The browser should try to fill in as many known fields as it can.;5. The form should ask the user if they ?Would like to receive email about special offers?. You can change the wording.;6. Two other pieces of information you choose, however, they can?t be collected using a Textbox.;7. Form should be nicely styled and options grouped/labeled appropriately.;8. If they user passes validation and submits, they should see a summary


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