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Write a program that performs the following tasks;1) Read in a month and determine the number of days in the month. If the month is February;prompt the user for a year and determine if the year is a leap year to output the correct number;of days. (A leap year is divisible by four, except for years with are multiples of 100, which are only;leap years if they are also divisible by 400). Your program should accept the month as a 1 or 2;digit number, a three letter abbreviation for the month, or a full month.;2) Given someone?s brithday in the form mm/dd, m/dd, mm/d or m/d generates their sign and;random advice (from atleast four possibilities).;3) Write the truth tables for the following boolean expressions;a. A || B && C;b. (A || B) && ! (A && B);4) Strictly extra credit: Write a compatibility test for an online dating service.;a. Have the two people enter their names.;b. Calculate points as follows;i.If the two names are the same, they get -1 points and you do not have to check;anymore;ii.If the names of the same length add 2 points;if the length of one name is 1 more than the other add one point;iii.If the first letters are the same add 1 point;iv.If the last letters are the same add 1 point;v.If the last letter of one name is the same as the first letter of the other add 1;point. (do the same for both names);vi.Add the int values of the first letter of each name. take the value mod 3 and add;it to the total.;vii.Add the int values of the second letter of each name. take the value mod 4 and;add it to the total.;c. You should have anywhere from -1 to 11 points. Print off the points and a snarky;comment appropriate for each one. Be sure to include their names in the message. Use;this list to determine which comment to display;i.11 points ? comment 1;ii.8 to 10 points ? comment 2;iii.5 to 7 points ? comment 3;iv.2 to 4 ponts ? comment 4;v.0 or 1 points ? comment 5;vi.-1 points ? comment 6;Sample test runs on the next two pages


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