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Part (A) is what I dont know how to get, but...




Part (A) is what I dont know how to get, but then after that there is some information that I just wrote in case you need it. (A) Work in Process Inventory 6/1 Balance 5,113 June Completed Work ? Direct materials ? Direct labor ? Overhead applied ? 6/30 Balance ? They give me this information: Enos Inc. is a construction company specializing in custom patios. The patios are constructed of concrete, brick, fiberglass, and lumber, depending upon customer preference. On June 1, 2010, the general ledger for Enos Inc. contains the following data. Raw Materials Inventory $4,547 Manufacturing Overhead Applied $32,579 Work in Process Inventory $5,113 Manufacturing Overhead Incurred $32,005 Subsidiary data for Work in Process Inventory on June 1 are as follows. Job Cost Sheets Customer Job Cost Element Fowler Haines Krantz Direct materials $542 $784 $949 Direct labor 360 510 420 Manufacturing overhead 432 612 504 = 1334 =1906 =1873 During June, raw materials purchased on account were $4,334, and all wages were paid. Additional overhead costs consisted of depreciation on equipment $710 and miscellaneous costs of $472 incurred on account. A summary of materials requisition slips and time tickets for June shows the following. Customer Job Materials Requisition Slips Time tickets Fowler 756 450 Elgin + 2499 +790 Haines + 447 + 360 Krantz + 1922 + 1600 Fowler + 324 + 400 = 5948 = 3600 General use + 1819 + 1700 = 7767 +5300 Overhead was charged to jobs at the same rate of $1.2 per dollar of direct labor cost. The patios for customers Fowler, Haines, and Krantz were completed during June and sold for a total of $18,417. Each customer paid in full. Journalize the June transactions: (i) for purchase of raw materials, factory labor costs incurred, and manufacturing overhead costs incurred; (ii) assignment of direct materials, labor, and overhead to production; and (iii) completion of jobs and sale of goods. (For multiple debit/credit entries, list amounts from largest to smallest eg 10, 5, 3, 2.) Account/Description Debit Credit Raw materials inventory 4334 Accounts payable 4334 (Purchase of raw materials.) Factory labor 5300 Cash 5300 (To record factory labor costs.) Manufacturing overhead 1182 Acc. Depreciation-Equipment 710 Accounts payable 472 (To record manufacturing overhead costs.) Work in process inventory 5948 Manufacturing overhead 1819 Raw materials inventory 7767 (To assign raw materials to production.) Work in process inventory 3600 Manufacturing overhead 1700 Factory labor 5300 (To assign factory labor to production.) Work in process inventory 4320 Manufacturing overhead 4320 (To assign manufacturing overhead to production.) Finished goods inventory 14744 Work in process inventory 14744 (To record completion of jobs.) Cash 18417 Sales 18417 (To record sale of jobs.) Cost of goods sold 14744 Finished goods inventory 14744 (To record cost of jobs.)


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