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Java Homework 2




Design and implement an automobile class along with four subclasses using the following guidelines;Create a class named Automobile and four subclasses. They can be any named anything you want that is considered an automobile. You can use brand names, car types, etc.;Some examples: SUV, Electric, Mercedes, Convertible.;Whatever you choose, all four subclasses should be somewhat related. The Automobile class the following data fields;licensePlateNumber;isStarted;isForSale The Automobile class also has methods for setting and getting the values of each of the fields.The Automobile class also has a constructor that sets the isStarted and isForSale data fields to false.The Automobile class also has methods for describing what the automobile looks like (e.g., color, shape, condition, etc.). This is again your choice.Each of the four subclasses should also contain one additional data field and the appropriate get/set methods.Finally, create a Java test class that simulates using your Automobile class and its subclasses. In your test class you should, at a minimum;construct at least one instance of each automobile;start at least two of the instances;put at least two of the instances up for sale (at least one of the not-started instances);print the description for each of the instances;Additionally, draw a UML class diagram of your classes using PowerPoint (PPT),, or any other graphical editing tool.;Be sure your code compiles and runs as expected.;Submission Requirements;Your deliverables include five Java files, one Java test file, and your UML diagram(s)


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