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Question << is the program that has to be downloaded in order to complete.;Initially, the process of typing commands to interact with the operating system may seem foreign, but the more you use the command-line interface and the individual commands, the easier they will become to use and understand. To start, you need to know some basic navigation commands to move around the UNIX environment and to look at files.;Remember, the power of the Linux environment is the command-line interaction with the operating system. These exercises will help you become familiar with the environment.;For each of the following commands, execute the command, show the resulting output, and describe what each one does;cd;mkdir apache;cd APACHE;cd apache;pwd;cd../../../../../../../etc;cd /etc;cat passwd;more passwd;Copy and paste a screenshot showing the execute and output of each command. After each screenshot, describe what the command was intended to accomplish and what it actually did.


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