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this is my proposal;I am a big fan of an online game which we can it League of Legends and I play this game very often. I want to create a database which base on my favorite teams and analysis how did they won or lost each game. I believe it?s going to help me to improve both my game skill and database design skill. I think it is going to be very fun because I love both DSS and LOL.;Project Assignment;The project applies all the concepts of database design and applications learned in this course. You should use at least three tables that implement integrity rules. The tables should be related to each other. You should create at least one report in Excel, three queries, two view, and two PL/SQL programs with at least one of them using prompt variables.;Outline of the Paper for the Project;I. Introduction - defines the scope of the project.;II.Design - for logical design (normalization) and other physical-level design considerations.;III. Implementation - description of tables, reports, views, and other PL/SQL programs.;IV. Conclusion;- what you have achieved, shortcomings, and scope for improvements


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