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Instructions;This simple exercise is meant to verify that you have properly installed Java SE and an IDE on your computer so that you are ready for the later programming assignments in this course.;Type the following program source code into your IDE. The source code is patterned after a similar example that was taken from Joyce Farrell?s textbook, Java Programming. Modify the comments for your name and the current date, and change the class file name to reflect your first name. Then compile your code. Remember: If you get compile errors when you do the compile, fix the errors one at a time and then recompile the program. Because the compiler may get confused by the first error, very often, by fixing the first error, many of the remaining errors will go away since they may not really be errors at all.;/**;* Program #1;*;* Function: Simple Java application to demonstrate the behavior;* of different data types, arithmetic, concatenation, and;* output of results.;*;* Programmed By: Reggie Haseltine, instructor (July 18, 2009);*;* Based upon code Taken From: "Java Programming" by Joyce Farrell;*;*/;public class Program1_Reggie;public static void main(String[] args);int xx = 315;short xx = 23;long xx = 1234567876543L;int value1 = 43, value2 = 10, sum, difference;product, quotient, modulus;boolean isProgrammingFun = true;double doubNum1 = 2.3, doubNum2 = 14.8, doubResult;char myGrade = 'A', myFriendsGrade = 'C;System.out.println("Our grades are " + myGrade +; and " + myFriendsGrade);doubResult = doubNum1 + doubNum2;System.out.println("The sum of the doubles is " +;doubResult);doubResult = doubNum1 * doubNum2;System.out.println("The product of the doubles is " +;doubResult);System.out.println("The value of isProgrammingFun is " +;isProgrammingFun);System.out.println("The value of isProgrammingHard is " +;isProgrammingFun);System.out.println("The int is " + oneInt);System.out.println("The short is " + oneShort);System.out.println("The long is " + oneLong);sum = value1 + value2;difference = value1 - value2;product = value1 * value2;quotient = value1 / value2;modulus = value1 % value2;System.out.println("Sum is " + sum);System.out.println("Difference is " + difference);System.out.println("Product is " + product);System.out.println("Quotient is " + quotient);System.out.println("Modulus is " + modulus);System.out.println("\nThis is on one line\nThis on another");System.out.println("This shows\thow\ttabs\twork");// end method main;// end class Program1_Reggie;Assignment Deliverable Instructions;1. Submit only your modified source code, successful compile, and final output. Do not submit the original supplied source code, compile, or output.;2. Make sure that you include the course, the program number, your name, and the date in your program header. Also include this information at the top of your Microsoft Word file. Include additional comments, as necessary, and maintain consistent indentation for good programming style, as shown and discussed in our text.;3. You may use the Windows Command Prompt command line interface or any Java IDE you choose to compile and execute your program.;4. Submit the following deliverables to the Dropbox;a. A single Microsoft Word file containing a screen snapshot of your Java source code for (just the beginnings of the source code is OK) as it appears in your IDE (e.g., jGRASP, Eclipse, Net Beans, JDeveloper, etc.) or editor (e.g., a Windows command line "more" of file's first screen).;b. A listing of your entire modified version of the Java source code for in the same Microsoft Word file as item a), and following item a). You can simply copy and paste the text from your IDE into Microsoft Word. Make sure to maintain proper code alignment by using Courier font for this item. Do not submit the original source code files!;c. A screen snapshot showing your program?s successful compile in the same Microsoft Word file, and following item b) above.;d. A screen snapshot showing all of your program?s output in the same Microsoft Word file, and following item c) above.;5. Your instructor will compile and run your program to verify that it compiles and executes properly.;6. You will be evaluated on (in order of importance);? Inclusion of all deliverables in Step 4 in a single Word file.;? Correct execution of your program. This includes getting the correct results with the modified class files!;? Adequate commenting of your code.;? Good programming style (as shown and discussed in the textbook's examples).;? Neatness in packaging and labeling of your deliverables.;You must put all your screen snapshots and source code into a single Microsoft Word file.


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