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Homework #7 ADT 50 points




(50 points);The purpose of this assignment is to practice developing an ADT with overloaded operators and separate compilation. For this project we will be developing an ADT for integers.;First create a separate directory for this assignment;mkdir proj7;cd proj7;Then copy the my_int.h and from my directory intoproj7 directory.;cp /home/kmgsubm/f14_2400/proj7/*.;You may add other functions, but DO NOT change any functions or function names in the my_int.h class;Before you begin working on this program please look at Money.h, and on Blackboard. You can also copy these files from my directory. cp /home/kmgsubm/f14_2400/week13/Money/*.;Class Description;A default constructor ? initialize the value to zero;A constructor that takes one argument for the initial value of val.;A set function set the value to the incoming argument.;An extraction operator (>>) that allows user to enter the integer from the keyboard or from a data file.;An insertion operator (< and << as friend functions of the class and increment and decrement operators as member functions of the class. Also *, / and == operators and non-member functions of the class.;For this program input is from the keyboard and output is written to the screen.;Finally you have to make sure that you have 3 files in your proj6 directory.;The interface file (my_int.h);The implementation file consists of all the function definitions of the class. And this file will be saved as a file. You have to include your interface file in your implementation file along with other include directives in the;following manner: #include ?my_int.h?;This file can contain short (one- or two-line) comments for each function and header block with you name, date etc.;Your main function (application file) saved as file.;When you are compiling you have to include files. Do not compile the.h file.;g++ -Wall;OR g++ -Wall *.cc;Note: Before submitting the program make sure that you are in the correct directory and it contain 3 files. (interface file implementation file, application file);/home/kmgsubm/bin/2400submit -p 7;Also turn in your implementation file with a cover sheet showing name/date/time on Tuesday December 3 rd;Scoring for Assignment 7;- Documentation ? header comments (for implementation), style etc. - 2 pts - Functions - 45 points;- Electronic submission (3 files) and source code (implementation file) ? 3 pts


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