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Week 5 Lab Assignment 3 Submission




Week 5 Lab Assignment 3 Submission;Click the link above to submit your assignment.;Students, please view the "Submit a Clickable Rubric Assignment" video in the Student Center.;Instructors, training on how to grade is within the Instructor Center.;Lab Assignments;Worth 50 points apiece;Software requirements: Each lab assignment contains a list of labs that are located in the Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching 200-120 Network Simulator software. The simulator is bundled with your course required materials when purchased through the Strayer Bookstore ( (Note: Labs are marked with each users name and lab completion details for identification purposes.);Installation requirements: You must install the simulator software on your local machine for it to properly run. If you need help installing the required software or require technical assistance, review the installation guide by clicking here to download.;Sorting labs within the software: The simulator provides multiple methods of sorting the same set of labs. Sort the labs using the ?Sort by Chapter? tab within the simulator.;For help, review the lab assignment walk-through video located here.;Submit each lab based on the following;Complete the weekly lab described below using the simulator software.;Submit only those labs identified below. (Note: Students are encouraged to explore the additional labs offered through the simulator software on an optional / non-graded basis);To submit a completed lab you must export the lab report from the simulation software. To export the lab report;Select ?Grade History? from the Home menu.;Browse and select the completed lab. (Note: ?Grade History? organizes itself based on the sorting tab you have selected);Click on ?Export Report?.;Save the lab report in a location that makes it easily retrievable. In order to properly submit your assignment, you will need to remember the folder in which you had saved your lab report.;Package your lab report files into a file prior to submitting the weekly lab assignment.;(Note: For help on files, click either Windows 7, Windows 8, or Mac.);Submit file containing each of the required lab reports in the Blackboard online course shell.;Lab Assignments;Week Due;Lab #;Chapter;Lab Title (SB - Skill Builder, SE - Subnetting Exercises, CS - Configuration Scenarios, TS - Troubleshooting Scenarios);5;Lab 3;Chapter 14;Chapter 15;Chapter 16;? IP Address Rejection I (SE);? IP Address Rejection II (SE);? IP Address Rejection III (SE);? IP Address Rejection IV (SE);? Subnet ID Calculation I (SE);? Subnet ID Calculation II (SE);? Subnet ID Calculation III (SE);? Subnet ID Calculation IV (SE);? Interface Status V (SB);? Interface Status VI (SB);? Router CLI Configuration Process (SB);? Router CLI Exec Mode I (SB);? Router CLI Exec Mode II (SB);? Setting Router Passwords (SB);? Configuring SSH (SB);? Rebuild a Configuration (CS);? SSH and Telnet (CS);? Configuring IP Addresses I (SB);? Configuring IP Addresses II (SB);? Configuring IP Addresses III (SB);? Configuring Router IP Setting (SB);? Connected Routes (SB);? Default Route I (SB);? IP Addressing I (SB);? IP Addressing II (SB);? Static Route I (SB);? Static Route IV (SB);? Configuring Default Routes (CS);? IP and MAC Address Comparisons (CS);? New Job I (CS);? Static Routing I (CS);Grading for this lab assignment will be based on the following rubric.;Click here to view the grading rubric.


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