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develop the Aussie Stamp Place website using ASP.NET 4.5 and C#




;;PracticalAssessment 1? ASP.NET 4.0;Due date;ASSESSMENT;Weighting;10%;1;Length;No set length;Objectives;This assessment item relates to the course learning outcome numbers 1 and 2.;More specifically, the objective of this assignment is for students to;? Developa dynamic Internet application with a consistent look and feel for business using an integrated suite of software tools.;Introduction;You are required to develop the Aussie Stamp Place website using ASP.NET 4.0 and C#. You mustdevelop the web pages according to the specifications given in this document. This means that you must provide the functionality specified, produce the layout specified and use the data and images provided on the course website.This document is a specification that you are required to implement.;Overview of website to be developed;Your website must;? Use a master page and content pages throughout;? Define and use a consistent theme throughout;? Use a web.sitemap and related navigation controls;You are also required to;? submit a brief Word document describing what features did and did not work in your website and how you could improve the website.;You are required to develop the following pages;Web Page;Description;Default.aspx;The home page.;Pages/Default.aspx;Descriptor for top level menu item;Pages/animals.aspx;Header and table of Australian native animal stamps, each stamp has a name, price, number in stock,last update time and an image.;Pages/flowers.aspx;Header and table of Australian native flower stamps, each stamp has a name, price, number in stock, last update time and an image.;Pages/peace.aspx;Header and table of Peace and Victory stamps, each stamp has a name, price, number in stock, last update time and an image.;Pages/zoological.aspx;Header and table of Australian zoological stamps, each stamp has a name, price, number in stock, last update time and an image..;About/Default.aspx;The default About page;About/About.aspx;Brief information about the website.;About/ContactUs.aspx;A contact us page with contact information.;You must also create the Web.sitemap and Masterpage.master files, as well as make appropriate edits to the web.config file.;These requirements are discussed in more detail below.;Provided materials ? starter kit;To get you started, an assignment 1 starter kit is available on the web site. This starter kit contains;? The Images directory containing all the images required for the assignment;? The App_Themes directory containing resources and files required for themes;? Masterpage divs.txt, containing the basic div structure you will need to set up your master page;Website structure;The files in your website should be structured in the following way;Web.sitemap;You must construct your web.sitemap to achieve the following menu hierarchy;The menu items above must map to the following content pages;Menu item;Content page;Home;~/Default.aspx;StampCatalogs;~/Pages/Default.aspx;StampCatalogs->Zoological Stamps;~/Pages/zoological.aspx;StampCatalogs ->Peace Stamps;~/Pages/ peace.aspx;StampCatalogs ->Flower Stamps;~/Pages/flowers.aspx;StampCatalogs ->Animal Stamps;~/Pages/ animals.aspx;About;~/About/ Default.aspx;About -> Contact Us;~/About/ ContactUs.aspx;About-> About Us;~/About/About.aspx;Master page;Your master page must achieve the following layout;Header;The header must contain the logo. The actual logo displayed will depend on the theme. The Colour1 theme uses logo logo.jpg. The


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